Monday, September 1, 2008


Ramadan kareem everyone! i wonder y do we say ramadan kareem it wouldnt be ba5eel ya3ny!
wallahy ramadan is the best month of the year! although its the hardest bas its the best! and man ramadan next year is gonna be in august! yaaah 3al 7ar wel halaak! and i cant wait for the 3eeeeeeeeed!!!!! i no its not gonna be the best 3eed bas haykoon 3eed :)

i love u all, and i wish u all khier and happiness, and i wish u the best ramadan ever ;)
kol sana wento tayebeen (we mesh bo5ala)! LOL ;)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

some new feelings! "bad ones"


its hard how i see things are changing around me and i cant do anything about it! i wish i was deaf! i wish i wasnt sensitive! i wish i was a 2 year old!

its hard when i hear words that break my heart into pieces from someone who i really love!

its hard when i keep on talking and talking but no one would hear me!

its hard when i cry silently every night before i sleep!

its hard when i keep on asking god to make it easy on me and its still hard as it is!

its hard when i try to show (her) that im better than who she thinks i am, and still, she thinks im the worst!

its hard when i say "i love u" and the answer to that is nothing!

its hard when im feeling really sick and she doesnt even care! stomach is acting weirdly! ive been throwing up! and i cant stand seeing any food! man i never felt this towards food ya3ny! i think its coz im feeling sad!
"and just wanned to say thank u satooty for being there for me, i love u sara"

Sunday, August 17, 2008


-->damn this mosquito!!! it bit my hand :( and i got a pimple like a mountain!!!!

-->7adreto luuul (my fish)! is sooooo boring! he doesnt do anything, he just stays there in his bowl! and maaaan he is such a coward!! but i love watching him eating :D

-->and i soooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna get a cat! watch it going up the stairs! aaaaaahhhhh and entering my room and sleep on my bed!!! 2akolha wallahy!

-->i drew a couple of drawings today and guess wat???? i used the color red!! 2a5eeeeran!

-->by the way i always draw an arrow before writing anything on a paper! and i always put my titles in clouds! hehhehhe!

-->aaaannnddd i cant draw or study unless the desk is messy! baaad! i know!

-->and today i've watched a happy tree friends episode on youtube! and i cant stop thinking of it! it was awful! :(

-->and i cant wait till the dark knight comes on dvd SO I CAN WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN! I JUST LOVE THE JOCKER'S ACTING!

--> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand have a nighty night everyone! ;) salaaamzzz

Friday, August 15, 2008



Thank God for everything!

I was crying all day long yesterday, i was feeling stressed and upset!! and all i had to do is just talk to God and ask him for wat i want! and today im feeling happy that i could fly off the ground! just like kids!

anything tiny tiny tiny can break my heart!
and anything simple can make me veeeery happy!
when i get upset, i just slam the door and start crying!

sometimes i feel sooo stupid that im very kind to people! zay 2el hobl!!!
im just kind and sweet to everyone!
and no matter how bad a person can be to me, i'll still forgive them!

i know a lot of people, who can really hate! and really hurt!
but i still know that there is something good in them!

and i pity people who are concerned with the stupidest of matters rather than wat really counts! lol i sound like a grandma! hehhe!

bas wAllahy there are people out there who dont know wat a simple beautiful life we have!

MAAAAN WAT THE HELL am i talkin about?
i just wanna thank my dear God (whom i really love) coz he made me who i am! and thank God i dont regret anything that ive done! and i dont have a black spot on my white clean page!

*hehhehhe... few days ago.. me, sara (me and sara have this thing against insects) and bro were waiting for like 15 mins at the bus stop, and there was this beautiful butterfly that was hanging around us and ONLY us!! i just looked at it and ignored it and then razzelet ba2a! sara and i kept on running away from it and it kept on flying after us lol!! after the bus came belsalaama we were like phewwwwww.... we ran into the bus and guess wat?? the butterfly went in with us :'( lol!
it was just annoying and our hero , a chubby lady, got it outta the bus...*

yalla gotta go! satty just made us dinner! gotta go check it out! mesh 3ayza 2a2olokom 3ala 2el ree7a!! nighty night everyone!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Love it when my fingers get dirty from drawing..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Warning Sign!!

A warning sign,
I missed the good part then I realized,
I started looking and the bubble burst.
I started looking for excuses.

Come on in,

I've gotta tell you what a state I'm in,
I've gotta tell you in my loudest tones,
That I started looking for a warning sign.

When the truth is,
I miss you.
Yeah the truth is,
That I miss you so.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

RIP Mohamed!!!

again!!! a friend of mine passed away!! i know him since grade 7!!
i dunno y this is happening!!!
he and ammar were best friends!!! they were really close!!

i cant describe my shock and sadness!!
i cant breathe!

im shocked!! i dunno wat to do!
they were full of life and happiness!
cant believe they r gone!
cant believe they r not here anymore!
cant believe im never ever gonna see them again!

ammar on the 24th of February and mohamed on the 6th of August!
rabena yer7amhom!

Dad always tells me that life is like a bus; everyone gets down in their different destined stop!
love u daddy!